Ultraspeed Australia

Ultraspeed Australia is the official representative of Hyperloop One in Australia.  We are seeking support in terms of commercial partnerships and stakeholder investment to investigate the feasibility of a Hyperloop based high speed ground transport system on the East Coast of Australia.

Our approach is driven by understanding and addressing user requirements rather than the development of high speed infrastructure for its own sake.

The scale and impact of the strategic transformation by enhancing accessibility, integration, connectivity, with resultant changes in economic development of regional areas, will be profound. The system will also revolutionise the movement of containerised freight between our major cities and regional centres.

Hyperloop One

Hyperloop One is a privately-held company out to reinvent transportation to eliminate the barriers of time and distance and unlock vast economic opportunities.

The company’s mission is to have three Hyperloop systems in-service by 2021, which validate its ability to design, finance and build a safe, revolutionary transportation technology that scales.

Hyperloop One is the only company developing and physically building Hyperloop. It is investing heavily in the real world physical engineering required to design, develop, and demonstrate a fully operational Hyperloop system integrating all the required technologies.

Why Hyperloop?

A growing global economy, like Australia requires faster, cheaper, safer and more efficient mode of transport.

Our roads, airports and ports are congested and current projections are that the situation will get worse.

We haven’t had a new mode of transport in 100 years and we’re due for one, especially one that is faster, emission-free, energy efficient, quiet, and has a smaller footprint than other modes.

Hyperloop also adds an additional form of transportation and will integrate seamlessly with the existing transport ecosystem

Hyperloop as a high speed transport solution for Australia

Ultraspeed Australia’s proposition is to develop a robust business case to support the implementation and use of a Hyperloop based high speed rail and ground transport.

We consider Hyperloop to be the most appropriate high speed transport solution. Our response will provide opportunities to solve a number of critical economic, city and regional development and infrastructure challenges facing Australia. We also see Hyperloop as a mechanism for relieving the congestion in and pressure on major capital cities, ports and airports, and east coast transport routes.

Our aim is to better integrate and increase mobility and connectivity between our cities and regional centres using Hyperloop.

Hyperloop transport corridors

Ultraspeed Australia is in the process of engaging with stakeholders, both government and potential investors, to identify corridors that have major potential for a Hyperloop-based high speed transport.

We will focus on transport corridors in Australia where there is both the vision and will to capitalise on the profound transformation of connectivity that Hyperloop will deliver.

Our commitment

We are committed to bringing Hyperloop technology and its implementation to Australia.

We are committed to delivering the transformative change that Hyperloop brings.

Building new freight hubs bringing industry to areas that can support it.

Moving aviation from congested routes to be able to develop new services and better serve all customers.

Improving road safety and reducing infrastructure maintenance costs by moving freight more efficiently and at lower cost and environmental impact.

We are committed to delivering a business case that will end 40 years’ of debate on high speed rail in Australia.

We bring together ground breaking technology and industry leading experts to deliver an affordable, innovative solution to transport and location development, which will ensure Australia’s leading position in the global economy for many generations to come.

We strongly believe Hyperloop can, and should, be built in Australia.